July 2020

On January 15, 2000, Giant debuted as a weekly Saturday club night and positioned Los Angeles as a tour stop for international dance music DJs and Artists that had not previously existed on a weekly basis. What happened over the next 20 years is quite a story which will be told here in the coming months and years. Watch this space.

As I’ve moved on to pursuing new projects and even new industries, and given the current sign of the times, it seems a fitting (and well earned) time to announce Giant is now officially “archived.” We had big dreams, realized most of them, and will forever appreciate the enthusiasm and support from the Giant family (that’s you) that propelled our endeavors for two decades.

So please stay safe and when the time is right to reconnect with your friends on the dancefloor… I’ll always be partial to a similarly historic destination in its own right, Avalon.

- Dave Dean, Director (Emeritus)